Laboratory & Scientific Equipment

We manufacture and export a wide array of laboratory instruments and scientific instruments like scientific laboratory equipment, chemical laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment supplies and many more that are diverse in nature and have distinct applications like in quality control laboratory, R & D center & general laboratories of industries like: pharmaceuticals, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, cement, pulp and paper, fertilizers, defense, railways, paint and many others. Apart from this range, we also have expertise in production and supply of clean room equipment like laminar flow cabinets, garment cubicles etc.

Laboratory Instrument


Split Tube FurnaceGet Quotation

Split Tube Furnace

Muffle FurnaceGet Quotation

Muffle Furnace

BOD Incubator

BOD IncubatorGet Quotation

BOD Incubator

Oil & Petroleum Testing Instrument

Ash Content ApparatusGet Quotation

Ash Content Apparatus

Redwood ViscometerGet Quotation

Redwood Viscometer

Saybolt ViscometerGet Quotation

Saybolt Viscometer

IP Thermometer

IP ThermometerGet Quotation

IP Thermometer

ASTM / IP ThermometerGet Quotation

ASTM / IP Thermometer

Scientific Instruments

Water Still apparatusGet Quotation

Water Still apparatus

Vacuum OvenGet Quotation

Vacuum Oven

FlocculatorGet Quotation


ASTM Thermometer

Digital Program Rate Melting Point Apparatus - Oil Bath

High Temperature Dropping Point Apparatus

Automation in Instrument

Plasma FreezerGet Quotation

Plasma Freezer

Constant temperature Water Bath

Flash Point Tester


Minimum Space OvenGet Quotation

Minimum Space Oven


COD Apparatus

COD DigesterGet Quotation

COD Digester

Pharmaceutical Testing Instrument

Petroleum Instrument

Stability Chamber


Walk In IncubatorGet Quotation

Walk In Incubator

Lab IncubatorGet Quotation

Lab Incubator